Treatment Menu

Rejuvenating treatment €30-00

  • Clarifying shampoo- removes build up (lime, products, oil etc)
  • Cuticle Sealer (balances PH)
  • Deep penetrating re-constructor (protein )
  • Intense hydrator ( shea butter)

HD service €25-00

High definition, glossy shiny hair!!

  •  HD Blondes- clarifying shampoo to remove any build up or impurities and a blonde life shampoo followed by a cool, clean pigment toner with the blonde life treatment mask that lasts up to 12 shampoos. 
  • HD Brunettes- clarifying shampoo, rich glossy brunette toners with a conditioning mask lasting up to 12 shampoos.
  • HD Copper toners
  • HD Red toners
Relaxing treatment €12-50 

Scalp massage, deep, hydrating conditioning mask and hot towel treatment

Date Night Treatment

Detox Treatment €15-00

Claryfying shampoo- removes build up and impurities

Conditioning mask and heated towel 

Bond Rebuiler €20

Stand alone treatment under heat for 20 minutes or add it to your colour