L’Oreal Professionnel Metal Detox Mask 250ml


It helps to protect coloured hair from copper deposits, which come from water, and can leave your hair colour dull, lacklustre and can even cause breakage.

Size: 250ml

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Metal Detox Deposit-Protecting Professional Hair Mask for all types of coloured hair.

  • Professional formula used in salon, suitable for all types of coloured hair
  • Helps protect coloured hair from breakage by up to 87%*
  • Hair feels smoother, softer & up to 2 times shinier**
  • Luxurious lightweight texture & fresh citrus scent

*Mask used in salon as part of a routine for up to 87% less breakage when colouring (Combing test. Pre-treatment, shampoo and mask vs classic shampoo on bleached hair)


Did you know there can be excess levels of metal in your hair which can get absorbed through your shower water? Excess metal in hair can cause breakage & premature colour fade. To help protect your hair from it, you can use the professional Metal Detox haircare routine. This deposit protecting hair mask helps to nourish the hair and protect it from the deposits of metal which can come from your shower water.